Preston's Evil Blizzard are truly an enigma. Four bass players, a singing drummer.  An array of rubber masks that will give both children and adults sleepless nights for days on end - they are the most in~genious and charismatic live experience on the music scene today!


Following on from the critically acclaimed debut release "The Dangers of Evil Blizzard", the new album 'Everybody come to Church' was released on October 9th 2015.


Recorded in one day and produced by Richard McNamara of Embrace at his Magnetic North Studios, it sold out at its initial vinyl and CD run within 2 hours and the band have received strong praise from all quarters of the music press. including making the front cover of the Guardian.


Evil Blizzard delve into many musical wells. Mixing their musical heritage from early Sabbath, Dub & krautrock through to more modern and diverse contemporaries such as Hawkwind.


Public Image Limited and Killing Joke (The latter two even personally asking for Evil Blizzard to open for them). It appears that no musical genre is sate from their reach.


After opening tor such eclectic bands as Space, Sleaford Mods, Ruts DC, Gnod, Hawkwind, Killing Joke, Public Image Limited, Bo Ningen and Embrace.


Blizzard have not only won over some very hard-line partisan crowds, but they have also gone on to conquer such music festivals as Kendal Calling, Super-sonic, Rebellion, The Great British Alternative Music Festival, Supernormal

and The International Festival of Psychedelia in Liverpool.


Blizzard wind up a very successful 2015 with the release of their live favorite ‘Stupid People’ accompanied with a run of live dates. including two very special live engagements!